9 Best Coworking Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai That Fit Every Digital Nomad Needs

Chiang Mai has everything you need for the perfect digital nomad lifestyle. Good vibes, local workshops, city events, delicious food options, and affordable living costs are just a few reasons why it’s been a hotspot for remote workers for the past six years.

Check out our list of the top nine cafes in the city that serve great coffee and provide a comfortable place to work. Join the thriving community of digital nomads and explore all that Chiang Mai has to offer!

We chose these cafes based on their internet speed and comfortable work environment.

List of Top Chiang Mai Coworking Coffee Shops

Minihana cafe

Minihana cafe in Chiang Mai - perfect coffee shop for digital nomads
Minihana cafe (source: Minihana FB profile)

Located on a quiet street behind Wat Prasing temple, the White Building Cafe is a cozy and minimalistic Japanese-style cafe with white and wooden beige decor. They serve delicious baked goods, cakes, coffee, and drinks. The internet is stable and there are working areas on both the ground and second floors. Open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, it’s a great spot to get some work done in a peaceful atmosphere.

📍Minihana cafe location

Seven Slash Two

There’s a cozy cafe located near Phrasing Temple that you might miss if you’re not looking for it. It has a black and stone design and is behind a hotel. Inside, you’ll see the coffee counter and there are some big and long tables to sit at. They serve cake, coffee, and drinks, and there are some local restaurants nearby. It’s a nice spot to work or relax with a good vibe and atmosphere.

📍Seven Slash Two location


Chapterone is a minimalistic cafe on Huey Keao road with comfy chairs and tables. The owner is friendly and offers good service. You can order food and drinks on the ground floor and work on the second floor, where there’s also a small area for playing card games. It’s a great place to sit and work in a good atmosphere.

📍Chapterone location

B.O.B Coffee

BOB Coffee - one of the best coworking cafes in Chiang Mai
BOB Coffee (source: BOB Coffee FB profile)

Located close to Samtitham area, this hip cafe with temporary designs is only a 5-minute drive from Nimmahemin road. It has a coffee counter in the front building where you can order drinks, and a photo booth in the back. There’s sitting space to chill in the second building on the left, and a bathroom and dining cafe in the building on the right. It’s a great spot to grab a coffee and get some work done in a unique atmosphere.

📍B.O.B Coffee location

Krisp Cafe

Beautifully converted a house into a cafe, ensuring a good design to make you feel at home. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Treat yourself to delicious bakery items, refreshing drinks, and delightful coffee. Plus, they offer a reliable internet connection and plenty of plugs for your convenience.

📍Krisp Cafe location

The Story 106

This cozy minimal-style cafe! Adorned with wooden furniture, it exudes a warm and inviting ambiance. You’ll find us on The Pae Street, a short 10-minute walk from The Pae gate. Enjoy delicious bakery treats, cakes, and drinks with complimentary 1-hour internet access. Work on the ground floor or second floor with fast internet speed.

📍The Story 106 location

Still.Coffee & life

Hidden gem local cafe in town located in the same building as local shopping mall, 5 mins walk to Chinese market (Warorot market) Treat yourself coffee experience crafted by talented baristas while soaking in the beautiful views of Chiang Mai. Peaceful spot to work, perfect for getting things done or simply enjoying some downtime.

📍Still.Coffee & life location

The Cofreze

The Cofreze – New cafe and roasted coffee place offers plenty of parking space for cars and motorbikes. You can choose your favorite coffee bean to create a personalized coffee taste that suits your palate. They offer fast internet and comfortable seating areas where you can relax. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy your coffee and work in peace.

📍The Cofreze location

Wake Up

Introducing Franshine Coffee, a convenient café located in bustling cities like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy delicious coffee and refreshing drinks. With multiple branches in Chiang Mai, the good news is they’re open 24/7 – a fantastic option for night owls seeking a cozy place to work overnight.

📍Wake Up location

Coworking Coffee Shops Map

For your convenience, we have prepared this Google Map with all coffee shops listed above.


There are cafes in the city that can be easily accessed by motorbike. They offer parking lots, and the internet speed is sufficient for some types of work that don’t require fast internet. However, please note that there might be noise from other people and coffee machines, which is typical in cafes.

If you require a more productive and focused work environment with faster internet speeds, it’s recommended to go to a coworking space.

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