About The Social Club

Made for Digital Nomads

Coworking Space With People Sitting
Our quiet coworking room

  • Productive: you will find the structure to help accomplish your remote work and the amenities to make it enjoyable: Quiet coworking rooms + superfast internet + comfortable chairs + cool A/C + good coffee (free aeropress, french press, espresso & individual pour over)
Somewhere in the Thai jungle nearby Mae Kam Pong
  • Social: Travel is about who you meet along the way, and here you will make friends and memories. Each week we have events such as group lunch, BBQ and Game Nights. You’re sure to also find friends to explore the night markets, visit a jazz club or go on a hike with!
  • Workshops: gain skills and knowledge with talks on various personal and business subjects.
Members prepare with breathwork before plunging into ice bath
  • Fitness & Wellness: Jump right into your fitness schedule as soon as you arrive:


The Social Club is located in the heart of old town Chiang Mai & within walking distance to Nimman.

We are inside the walls of the old city and close to all the action: night markets, sights and lots of restaurants, cocktail bars and coffee shops.

Personal Space

Deluxe Room Main Image
Our rooms – personal space with private bathroom and balcony

You will always have something to do and interesting conversations, but you can also find solitude in your 21 m2 (225 sf) coliving room with your own desk, private bathroom and balcony. For those who love to do deep-work sessions in private room, we have our top The Digital Nomad room.

Launching Point for SE Asia

Chiang Mai is a one hour flight from Bangkok and also has direct flights to Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you!