Electricity Usage Policy

This policy applies for stays of 7 nights or longer. Shorter stays have unlimited electricity bill included.

Hey there! To keep things comfy and eco-friendly at The Social Club, we’ve got some guidelines for electricity usage for stays of 7 nights or longer.

Daily Electricity Limit

  • Each day you stay includes 5 units of electricity.
  • This should cover your needs.

Special Room

  • Staying in “The Digital Nomad” room? This room includes unlimited electricity, so no need to worry about usage limits.

Going Over the Limit

  • If you use more than 5 units a day, no worries! Extra usage will just have a charge of 8 THB (incl. VAT) per unit.

Keeping Track

  • We keep an eye on electricity use daily to make sure everything’s fair.
  • If you’re curious about your usage, just ask us for an update anytime.
  • You can also check your usage anytime on the individual electricity meter in the hall.

Saving Energy

To stay within the limit, try these tips:

  • Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them.
  • Close windows and bathroom door when using AC.
  • Use our air conditioned coworking space during the day instead of working in your room (all bookings include 24/7 coworking space access).

Charges and Payment

  • You’ll pay for any extra usage the day before you check out or in the unlikely scenario of exceeding the extra usage limit by 50 units.

Go Green with Us

  • By following these guidelines, you’re helping us be more sustainable.
  • Thanks for helping us reduce our environmental footprint!

Got any questions or need help? Just let us know. Enjoy your stay!